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California Court Rules

Notice to appellate rules users:
Appellate rules 1-18 were revised effective January 1, 2002. Rules 19-29.9 are currently being circulated for comment, and rules 30-80 are undergoing revision and will be circulated at a later date. Please note that most cross-references to former rules 1-18 have not been updated, instead please view the disposition tables (see the drop down list below) to see how rules and subdivisions have been moved and renumbered.

All Seven Titles and Appendix .ZIP Archive of PDF Files
(updated: 02/25/02, 2,556 KB)

Available for download in Adobe Acrobat format as a single compressed .ZIP file.


California Court Forms

A complete set of forms may be downloaded in ZIP compressed format (8,470 KB, last updated: 03/01/02) that can be expanded by using ZIP decompression software that is available for a variety of systems, including Windows, DOS, and Macintosh. Translated forms may also be downloaded in ZIP compressed format (13,339 KB, last updated: 01/01/02).

    * Adopted for mandatory use by all courts.